Muskegon Christian School

About MCS

At Muskegon Christian School, everything we do is from the perspective of a Christ-centered world view.  We focus on our student's faith and identity as a Christian.  We believe that every child deserves to have their full potential realized, and we seek to pattern our structures, our teaching styles, and our strategies to tailor to the needs of each individual student. We seek to develop original thought and we teach students how to think as opposed to just what to think.  We are raising up the next generation of Christian leaders.  What an awesome calling!


Our Legacy

Over 125 years ago, there was a group of people in Muskegon who dreamed of providing a Christ-centered, high-quality, value-rich education for their children. It would be an education to help prepare their sons and daughters to become God-fearing, equipped servants in any part of God's kingdom.   God has faithfully blessed that dream.  Not only do we strive for academic excellence, it is our goal that every child is touched by Christ's love, encouraged to live a Christ-filled life, and motivated continually to do works of gratitude. We strive to make this our legacy, one that will be repeated by our children and their children.

Our Unique Learning Environment

MCS students come from the City of Muskegon as well as Grand Haven, Whitehall, Twin Lake and other outlying areas and represent a wide range of economic levels.  We have a minority representation of approximately 25%, roughly the same as Muskegon County.  This provides a valuable opportunity for our students to recognize the truth of the fact that Jesus died for all of us, and is pleased when we live, learn and worship together.  MCS also has approximately 60 different churches represented by its student body!  

MCS seeks to foster a diverse community in the area of student ability as well. Not only does MCS seek to serve those students who excel in their studies by providing stimulating opportunities, MCS also seeks to help those who need extra assistance to make full use of their talents.  We coordinate our Title I and Gifted and Talented programs through our Academic Support Office.

Check out our 2016 MCS Annual Newsletter to learn a little more about our story at MCS.

Our mission is to provide academic excellence with a Christian worldview to engage each student in a lifetime of Christian discipleship.