Muskegon Christian School


Any parent who desires a Christian education for their children is welcome to apply to Muskegon Christian School.  We believe that it takes three institutions to bring up a healthy child; home, church, and school.

We enjoy giving tours of our facilities and speaking to families who are interested in a Christian Education for their children. We especially enjoy giving these tours when school is in session when you can catch the lively, loving spirit of teachers and students working together. Contact us at 231-773-3221 or

Parents who desire to enroll their children at MCS should complete an application form.  Once received, an enrollment interview will take place with the prospective parents and the school administrator.  Enrollment at Muskegon Christian School is offered to children of Christian parents without regard to race, nationality, or ethnic origin.



At Muskegon Christian, we are committed to the idea that the cost of a Christian education should not be a barrier to a family that would like to give this gift to their children. Knowing that a Christ-based education can be financially difficult for some families, we have established a shared giving chart to ease the burden.  Families pay either the tuition amount (which varies per grade level) or a percentage of their income, whichever is less, according to the guidelines set forth by the school.  Please note that in most cases, the cost of tuition does not reflect the actual cost of educating your child each day.  This difference, along with all of the financial assistance provided to our families is made possible by our many generous donors. 

Another way to reduce tuition expense is by participating in the SCRIP program.  MCS SCRIP is a volunteer-run program in which families purchase gift certificates through the SCRIP office to shop at local & national stores.  The stores sell the certificates to the school at a discount.  The school sells the certificates at face value to participating families and then credits their tuition account with the difference.  Families considering Muskegon Christian School can start a SCRIP account at any time!  We will hold your earnings in a "future family account" until they are ready to be used.