Muskegon Christian School

Healthier Options at MCS for Lunch

We are excited to partner with parents to encourage healthier eating habits in our students.  We have a couple new initiatives this year to make healthy eating more 'palatable' for our students:


1. Challenge Accepted!  If you wander down to the cafeteria you will see a sign onto which only the bravest will be named. A 'challenge food' will be set up every other Monday. The students that try and eat the 'challenge food' will go down in infamy with their names on the board.  Challenge foods might include fresh avocado, celery with sunflower butter, and other nutrient rich options that might be new to our students.  Encourage your kids to try it and ask what they thought afterwards.  Our teachers will also dialog with students before challenge foods are offered to encourage participation.   We hope to see many brave names on the sign!

2. We are planning to set up a salad bar! Our hope is that we can eventually offer this option every day to our students.  We are looking on ways to make this happen soon.

3.  The 'Fresh Food Fairy' will be visiting us in September to talk with students about the benefits of fresh foods and to encourage healthy eating.

We ask that our parents encourage healthy snack and lunch options for students as well!  Partner with us to raise up healthy young bodies and minds.  Thank you!