Muskegon Christian School

Why PBL?

Preparing Students for Tomorrow and Engaging Them Today

Why are we encouraging our teachers to use Project Based Learning at MCS? 

We have a vision for education that states that our students will deepen their mastery of knowledge and skills to create beautiful work in a wide variety of discplines that will invite them into a larger self-understanding and calling.  Students will begin to understand more clearly who they are and how their gifts might be of particular use now and in the future.   PBL is a design for learning that engages and empowers learners with new language and skills that have real world uses. 

Project-based learning is involving students in real work, with a real need, for a real audience.  Often it is multi-disciplinary (like the real world), it includes 21st Century skills (like collaboration and use of technology), it includes a significant entry event, it answers a driving question, it connects students to adults in industry, it stretches their inquiry, it has a social justice component, and it requires a presentation.  We are excited to see our students grow through this process!

For more information on Project Based Learning, we encourage you to check out the Buck Institure for Education at